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The International Leprosy Association, founded in 1931, is a Professional Society of physicians, scientists, and individuals and organizations in related areas, working to understand and relieve the problems associated with leprosy. From its inception, the primary goal of the ILA has been to provide up-to-date, medically and scientifically accurate information about this disease to all professionals who desire such knowledge.

The two major means of accomplishing this have been the publication of The International Journal of Leprosy and the organization of International Congresses on leprosy at approximately 5-year intervals. Unfortunately, due to rising costs, the Journal has become financially unviable and publication ceased after Volume 73 (2005).

The most recent of the Congresses, the 18th International Leprosy Congress, was held in Brussels, Belgium, Sept 16th - Sept 19th, 2013.

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2016 - 2019


President - Roch Christian Johnson   Benim   rochchristianjohnson@gmail.com
Secretary - Paul Saunderson UK prsaunderson@gmail.com
Treasurer - Paul Saunderson UK prsaunderson@gmail.com

Vice-president for the Americas - David Scollard USA DScollard@hrsa.gov
Vice-president for the Asia - Zhang Guocheng China zhanggc@ncstdlc.org
Vice-president for the Africa - Joseph Kawuma Uganda   kawumahjs@gmail.com
Vice-president for the Europe - Wim van Brakel NL W.v.Brakel@Leprastichting.NL
Vice-president for Communication - Anwei Skinsnes Law   USA alaw@idealeprosydignity.org


1. Cairns Smith UK w.c.s.smith@abdn.ac.uk
2. Douglas Soutar UK dougandewan@yahoo.co.uk
3. Bernard Naafs NL benaafs@dds.nl
4. Diana Lockwood UK Diana.Lockwood@lshtm.ac.uk

1. Jose Ramirez Jr. USA joseramirezjr@hotmail.com
2. Gerson Penna Brazil gpenna@fiocruz.br
3. Marco Andrey C. Frade   Brazil mandrey@fmrp.usp.br
4. Judith Justice USA Judith.Justice@ucsf.edu

1. PK Gopal India gopalpkg2@gmail.com
2. H. K. Kar India hkkar_2000@yahoo.com
3. Gemma Cabanos Philippines   cabanosm@wpro.who.int
4. Atul Shah India atulshah08@gmail.com

1. Mr Jackson Nyarko Ghana ideaghana2003@ymail.com
2. Joseph Nchiko Nigeria jnchukwu2003@yahoo.com
3. Digafe Alembo Ehtiopia digafe2003@yahoo.com